Welcome to my world


For the past 2 years,I have beacome a a big social network enthusiast and I’m always looking for new and exciting ways to communicate with the world.Wordpress is the latest home to my blogs,so I hope u will enjoy reading them.

I’m always interested people,and if you were to meet me one of the first things I would ask u is what’s your star sign? I’m an Aquarian and I am quite typical of my sign in many ways ie-expect the unexpected,I like to think out of the box and most importantly I have a strong passion for astrology.

My love of astrology started when I was very young-ahem 6 yrs old actually,I would be glued to Tv-am when Russell Grant had his star sign slot.ha,ha I remember waiting for sesame street to come on but all of a sudden,being facinated with the star signs!

When Russell left breakfast tv I started to watch johnathon cainer,I loved his unusual star spankled clothes.And my mom started to buy me that kinda thing,I used to get compared to a christmas tree sometimes with all my star clothes but I didn’t care! I would collect Sunday supplements with astro info even if I couldn’t understand what the moon in the 2nd house,and jupiter aligning with mars meant!

I studied ‘normal’ psychology and social sciences at college and university,but there was always that extra dimention I needed to add to it-astrology!

When I was abt 7yrs old,I had a series of paranormal experiences,which lead my mum to take me to some psychic fayres to find out from experts was I telling the truth!

The psychics there did believe me,and one of them gave my mum a free birthchart reading.When I was abt 20 I found that old print out,and I wanted to be able to do them,certain things really did seem so accurate as I looked back at the years that had gone by.

Then one day in a sale at a book store,I saw a Russell Grant kit to learn how to draw birthcharts and read the ephemeris.At first it was hard but then when I realised I could do the calculations it became very enjoyable and also mediative.- started to do them for family and friends and they seemed to agree with what I had told them,they were even learning new things about themselves.

So from then on I became addicted to astrology and also began to take courses in other matic arts aswell,just so that I wouldn’t seem like a gypsy fortune teller,I wanted ppl to know I learnt abt this art and care abt giving the right information to clients.

In the past two and a half years, I have started to do

Astrology and tarot readings to name but a few online.I have enjoyed this,because the feedback I have had has proven to me that I really don’t have to see,hear or know a person to pick up valuable information on the trends in a person’s life at the time.Nothing is set in stone,but astrology and tarot is sometimes the nearest thing to the manual of life that we didn’t come to earth with lol!

Astrology cam seem such a complicated and complex subject,my aim in my blogging is to simplify things and help people get more out of planetary activity!u may even discover that u too are able to harness more of your own intuition and mind power as a result,after all they do say we only use ten percent of our brains!

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