Uranus in pisces

Uranus is a planet that expresses unusual,transformational energy.If you are a piscean,you have proberly have felt your life change dramatically-am I right?

The energy of uranus will transform a sector of ur life,which part will depend on your asc-rising sign.To calculate your rising sign,you must know your time of birth.

So now,it’s time to evaluate how your life has been going over the past 7 yrs-have u kept a diary?if so its time to read over things.

On May 28th this yr uranus moved into Aries till yesterday aug 14.Aries and uranus is a very intense energy-be aware it can cause extra aggression so if u have a tendency to get angry it can be aggrevated by this placing.

Things to consider are what do u need to remove frm ur life?what have u put up with that really annoys u?best get rid of it before uranus moves back into aries next yr.

This Applies very much to aries,but we are all affected.

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